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The Only Official web page of COTO C.I.C.S.A. is www.coto.com.ar/exporta/indexEng.html

COTO C.I.C.S.A. 的唯一官方网页是 www.coto.com.ar/exporta/indexEng.html

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All COTO employees have an email account ending with “@coto.com.ar”


Do not hesitate to contact our Headquarters by phone (+54 9 11 5415 8647) or by mail cvilas@coto.com.ar

您可通过电话联系我司总部(+54 9 11 5415 8647) 或电邮至 cvilas@coto.com.ar

more than 50 years


COTO began its history almost half a century ago by opening its first butcher shop with a modern system of aerial deboning and cuts in sight. Today it is much more than a supermarket, it is an Argentine company that exports to the world.

An international Trade and Development Company

With subsidiaries in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Europe, China (Shanghai) and Dubai. We are one of the main Argentine companies with more than 50 years of experience in production, trade, and real estate.

  •   Malls and Shopping centers.
  •   Technological Developments.
  •   Industrial Production and International Trade.
  •   Real Estate (Argentina- USA- Europe).

Cattle production.

Due to their flavor and quality, COTO cuts of meat occupy a preference place at the Argentine table. In 1970 COTO was the first national company to market 40,000 kg of meat per month per branch. Livestock production, was from the beginning, an extremly important piece in the company. Since then, COTO has worked exhaustively to comply with the highest standards to commercialize its products, both nationally and internationally.

Meat industry.

With 3 own meat plants that meet the highest quality standards, COTO is a benchmark and one if the most important meat and leather industries in Argentina. Currently the company exports its cuts to the European Union, China, Chile, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Emirates and African countries, among other destinations.

Pig production.

COTO is committed to the preferences of its customers, the quality they seek and the price they need. For this reason, it is currently one of the main pig slaughterers in Argentina supplying the domestic and foreign markets with top quality pork cuts.

Poultry production.

COTO has a state-of-the-art poultry plant equipped with most sophisticated and ultimate technology. With highly qualified professionals and following the strictest safety standards throughout the process, the company supplies chickens and their derivatives to the domestic and the foreign markets.

Agricultural production.

With highly qualified personnel and the constant modernization of the technological resources involved in the agricultural production cycle that guarantee the excellence of the final product, COTO brings the maximum freshness and quality to the Argentine table in a wide variety of staple food products.

An expanding company

Coto developments

For several years the company has been developing various real estate ventures and generating its own computer management control systems.

Real estate developments.

COTO is constantly growing, expanding into new business units. For several years, the company has developed several local and international real estate projects that are characterized by their innovative proposals that combine design, comfort and technology.

Technological developments.

COTO is a cutting-edge technology company. The company develops its own computer systems whose versatility and transversality allow it to do from real-time monitoring of exports and imports to the development of management and control panels to monitor all the company's activity online and from any mobile device.

Coto. A company 100% Argentinian