More than four decades behind and many more ahead

Alfredo Coto received his first lessons about meat marketing from his father, Mr. Joaquín Coto. It all began in 1970. Alfredo Coto and his wife, Gloria, founded the first Argentine company that boosted the producer-to-consumer direct retail system, and the first to market 40,000 kg of meat per branch per month: COTO C.I.C.S.A. In order to cut costs and improve the traditional retailing method, COTO designed special butcher shops with an aerial quartering system and specialty cuts on the counters.

The main difference was the purchase of live cattle, meat processing at self-owned plants, distribution and direct retail sale through its own stores. The company grew fast incorporating the new trend of marketing strategies but never lost its main values. And in 1987, Mar de Ajó was the scenario for the great step: the first COTO Supermarket. New branches were opened soon in Buenos Aires and the GBA. The great chain had already been born.

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COTO leads the domestic market based on its marketing strategies that have improved its return over investment adding great value to its assets. In that respect and with that added value as a driving force it began its worldwide expansion.

COTO Worldwide
One of the clues to COTO’s success is its permanent expansion policy. This policy impels it to seek out not only new domestic but also international markets. For this reason, at the end of the 1990’s, COTO began a vigorous exports policy, achieving, as a result, the leadership in bovine meat exports, Hilton Quota and Non-Hilton Quota cuts and for processed and semi-processed leather for shoes, household and automobile upholstery. These results are not only due to the company’s exporting capabilities, but also to the prospect that Argentina’s markets now represent:
• A country rich in natural resources.
• A technological backbone developed between 1990 and 2002 (gas, power, communications).
• Up to date industrial capability with great growth potential.
• Qualified and low cost labour.

COTO’s Production Line
Beef and leather production begins with the purchase of cattle on the hoof (70% directly from cattle ranches). Once slaughtered, the animals are quartered (separating the meat from the hides) and the meat is further sliced into different cuts. COTO owns two of the three meat processing plants it makes use of. The final production step is achieved once strict quality checks have been performed, and the cuts are packaged for export (either chilled or frozen). In the case of leather, the hides are delivered to the tannery to be treated, obtaining there, processed and semi-processed leathers for export. COTO is present during the whole leather processing cycle, supervising, controlling and training.

C OTO is aware of the fact that customers want quality products without seriously affecting their budgets. With this in mind COTO has procured alliances with leading brand companies to yield new products with the exclusive COTO, CIUDAD DEL LAGO, CRISTAL DEL LAGO and ESCUDO DE ORO brands. As a result COTO has today 500 proprietary brand products present in the Argentine households.

The COTO Brand:
When Quality Speaks For Itself.
This brand includes a great variety of high quality foods. Among them we find salad dressings, dairy products, ice-creams, bakery products, canned food, frozen food and pastas. Through the COTO trade mark -carrying the same name as the maiden company- our customers get quality products at affordable prices.

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